Our Batch Import feature will allow you to import accounts via a CSV file or Goolge Classroom so you do not have to manually enter in each account.

To access the batch import feature, select Create Accounts.

Select the Batch Import menu option.

The different ways that you can batch import will be listed.

Before you can use the Batch Import feature, you must have a file ready that you can use to import your users.  If you look at the screen, we show you a sample of how your data should look.  You can also download a copy of this data by selecting the Download button.

To import users into Conover Online, you must follow a few rules when creating your file.

  1. You are limited to 5 columns.
  2. You are limited to 100 users.
  3. You must provide at a minimum, the users name and email address.
  4. The name can be the Full name or broken down by First and Last name.
  5. The file must be in CSV (comma separated values) format.
  6. If you are having problems, make sure your file is save as UTF8 format

Here is how a properly formatted file looks in Excel.  Remember that you do need to keep the Header row (bold titles) in the file when you import.  If you forget this line, your first user will be skipped.  Once you have your file formatted properly, save the files as CSV (comma separated values).

Once your file is ready, select the Select manually link and select your file.

For the Separator, leave it as Comma. Select Continue to upload your file.

Once you upload your file, you will see your date in the Preview Window. Next you will have to map your columns to our fields in the system.  If you chose to upload only the user’s Full Name, select the Use only one column for name link.  This will change the interface so you can choose only one name column.

Map your name(s), email address, tags and password columns.

If you did not provide a tag column, choose No tag column.

If you did not provide a password column, choose No password column.  This will bring up the option for you to type in the password that everyone will use.

If your accounts already exist, you can choose the Update Passwords option to only update the passwords and not import the accounts.  You can use the Update tags option to updates the tags for any account that already exists.

If you are the System Administrator, you will have access to the User role option where you can make Administrator accounts instead of regular user accounts.

Next, choose your group.  System Admins will be able to choose any group in the system while Admins will only be able to select their own group(s).

If you have Advanced Email Notifications enabled in your account, you will be able to send a welcome email to each of your accounts when they are imported.

The system will ask you to verify your data.  This is your last chance to cancel.  Make sure the fields are mapped correctly.

Look at the Valid? column.  It will let you know if there is a problem with any of your users.  You can then make any fixes to your CSV file and start the import process over again.  Any user marked as invalid will not be imported into the system.

Select the Import button to import your users.  You will receive an email when the import is complete.

In order to import your users you need to authorize our integration with Google Classroom.

You must use the same email address to access Conover Online that you use to access Google Classroom or you will come across some authentication issues. Here is how you can change your email address. Change my Email Address

Select the Authorize Google Classroom Integration.

You will have to choose which google account you would like to use to access your google classroom with if you are associated with more than one Google account.

You will have to allow Conover Online access to your user’s email addresses, class roster and you google classroom classes in order to batch import. Select Allow to give Conover Online access.

You will be notified if you successfully authenticated your account. If you are having issues authenticating your account or if your organization will not allow integration with Conover Online, you can export your list from Google and import via a CSV file. https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/thread/1443358?hl=en

Next you need to choose your options.

  • You can select which google classroom classes you want to import
  • You can choose which Conover Online group you want to import these users to.
  • If enabled, you can send your users a welcome email.
  • You need to enter a default password for each user in case they do not log in with thier google account.
  • You can add tags to each user account.

Select Continue

The next screen will give you a preview of the students that will be imported. Scroll to the bottom and select Import. 

Your batch import will run in the background. You will receive an email when it is complete. The email will include a list of any users who the system had issues importing. This is usually cased by:

  • the student already having a Conover Online account.
  • the student is only “invited” to the Google Classroom and is technically not active yet

Your users can log in using the Sign in with Google button on the login screen. Click here for some more information about setting up your Google Classroom and how users access Conover Online.

How to use Google Classroom

Troubleshooting Tip

If you are having any issues using Google Classroom to import your students, you can always start over by revoking our access to your Google Classroom account and start over.  This article will explain how to revoke access.  https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3466521?hl=en