If you are the System Administrator within the Conover Online system, you have access to a feature that will allow you to see how your credits are being used.  To access this page, select Credits.

Select Credit Usage from the options.

The credit usage screen will appear.  From here you can get an overview of the credits usage the page week and past month via the graphs.

If you want to run a report, scroll down to the Credits Usage CSV Report.  First, choose the Report type.

Summary – This report will give you an overview of credit usage for every admin and user.  This report has the most details.

By User – This will show you number of credits by user.

By Admin – This will show you the number of credits each Administrator has spent.

Select a Date Range for your report.

Select any Tags you would like to filter your list by.

Choose the products that you would like the report for.

Choose the Generate Report button to create your report.

The report will be generated in the background.  You will receive an email when the report is ready.  If you do not receive the email, you can also use the Generated Reports (via Reports link) page to view these reports.