There are times where you may want to completely delete an assignment that a user has started.  Deleting an assignment will make it look like the assignment was never made.  All user data for that assignment will be erased.  You will not get your credit back since the assignment has been started.

To delete an assignment, Select View Accounts.

Find your user in the list.  You can search by the name or filter by tag or group.  Select the user’s name or email address.

Scroll to the bottom part of the window to access the programs.  Select the program where you would like to delete an assignment.

On the assignment screen, find the three dots at the end of the started assignments.

Select the three dots and then select Delete assignment.

You will be notified that deleting the assignment can not be undone.  There is no way to bring the assignment back.

The assignment is now removed from the user’s account.  If you ever need to reassign, it will look like it has never been assigned previously.