If your students are using the Functional Skills Subscription, they can now make a playlist of thier favorite videos. This feature is very helpful when your students want to quickly access thier favorite videos without having to search through the 5500+ videos that we offer.

To add a video to the favorites playlist, expand any of the products.

To add a video to your favorites playlist, select the Star icon.

Once selected, it will be added to the favorites playlist and the icon will appear darkened to let you know it is available in your favorites.

Once you add your first video to the favorites, a new section called My Favorites Playlist will appear at the top of the video gallery.  Expand it to view your favorite videos.  Select any favorite to play the video.

The favorites playlist has a few options.  There is an option to autoplay the favorites.  When this option is enabled, the videos in your favorites will automatically autoplay one after another without having to manually choose them.

Use the arrows to change the order of the videos.  You can move them forward or backwards in the list.

Select the Star icon to remove the video from your favorites.

Use the Clear all Favorites button to complete clear out your favorites playlist.