If you are using Google Classroom, it is very easy to get your students setup in Conover Online.

First, you will need to make accounts and assignments for them in Conover Online.  Check out these two articles.

How to Batch Import
How to Batch Assign

Once you have the students added and assigned, you can then add some information to Google Classroom via a Stream or Classwork to get them the link to log in.  We will show you how to do this using the Stream, but doing this in Classwork is the same process.

Enter some general information to let your students know they will be using Conover Online to access their assignments.

Next, you are going to add a link to the message.

The link you need will be the login page that you use when you access your account.  You can get this link from the page when you log into your account.  Here are the three possible links you can use.


Paste this link into the Add Link dialog box and add the link to the message.

Once your Post is correct, select the Post button.

Your students will be able to click the link in the Post to access the website where they can login to work on their Conover Online assignments.

When your students go to the website, they can choose the Sign in with Google button.

The student will need to choose their account from the list to give our website permission to access thier Google information in order to make the connection.

The student will be taken directly to thier assignments without needing to log into our website.