If you or your users are having problems logging in, here are a few things you can try to help you get back into the account.

1. Make sure you are logging into the correct website. We have multiple sites that you can log into. You can find all of our login page via the LOGIN drop-down menu at the top of this website.  Your users log in to the exact same website you do.

2. Password are case sensitive. Please make sure that you do not have caps lock turned on. Also make sure the Num Lock is turned on if your keyboard has the extra number numbers pad.

Reset your password via email

Reset your password via the Administrator Account

3. Make sure you have the correct email address in the system.  Sometimes there may be a spelling mistake.  You can view the email address via the View Accounts option.

How to change the email address.

4. Do not rely on the auto fill option in your browser. Manually re-enter your login credentials.

5.  If a user is having issues, you can log out of your account (Select the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Sign Out) then log in with the users credentials.  This will let you verify the user’s credentials.