In order for the user to access their assignments they need to log into his or her account. The users log in using the same log in screen that the administrators use. They need to enter their email address and password that was used when creating their account to gain access to the system.

Once the user logs in, they will be able to choose from any of the program that they have assigned to them.

When a program is selected, the individual units that are assigned will appear. The orange button will allow the user to begin or continue the assignment. Conover Online is designed to be self-paced so once the assignments are made, the Administrator only needs to track progress and view the reports.

If you do not remember the user’s email address that you used, you can find this information from an Administrator account under the View Accounts tab.

From the View Accounts page, you can search on the user’s name to find their email address.

If you do not remember the password for the account, you need to change it. To do this, select the account that you want to change the password for. You can do this by selecting the name or email address.

The User Profile will open. Choose Account Details.

Find the area where you can change the password. Enter the new password and repeat it, and then select Update Password.