When you print off a credential for a user, we include: the date that the credential was printed, the name of the person printing the credential, and the name of the organization. These three fields can be customized to display different copy if you desire.

If you want to change the name of the person who is listed in the signature link for all users, you can do they by editing your name.  To do this, select Your Account.

From your profile screen you can change your name.  You will notice that you can’t change your organization name.  If you want that field changed, please contact Conover and we can change this for you or even help you setup a custom credential.

If you just want to adjust a few user’s credentials, you can do this by selecting Reports.

Choose the program that you want to edit the credential for.

Choose the Credential option from the secondary menu.

Find the user who you want to change the details on the credential.  Select the Configure link.

In the window that appears, fill out the fields that you would like to change. Select the Update button when you are done. This information will now appear on the Credential instead of your default information.