With over 100 available programs in our Functional Skills System, it may be necessary to disable your learners access to some of thier assigned activities in order to keep thier list of avaialble programs to a minimum. To do this, select View Accounts.

Find the user you want to disable FSS assignments for.  You can search or filter out the list to help find your user using the options at the top of the screen.  Select the user’s name or email address to access their account.

This will bring up the user’s profile.  Scroll to the bottom of the window to access the Functional Skill System.

Select the Add assignment button for Functional Skills to access the user’s list of assigned programs.

Find the cateogry of the assignments that you want to disable.  Select the + sign to expand the list.

Find the Hide button on each active assignment.  Click the Hide button to disable the user’s access to the assignment.

To turn the assignment back on for the user, click the Unhide button.