This article will show you how to export your cadet data if you took the Personal Skills Map via the “clickers” and import that into Conover Online.

First, open the Curriculum Manager. From the MENU, choose Reports.

From the Report Manager window, choose Online PSM.

Select the group that you want to export from the Curriculum Manager.

Verify that you want to save the report.

Once the report has been exported, please take note as to where the file has been saved.

Next, go to and log into your account. From the Admin Home page, choose Import PSM CSV.

Chose the file that you exported from the Curriculum Manager.

Next, choose if you would like to assign the skill enhancement units that the system recommends that your cadets complete. Only skills they scored 61% or lower on will be assigned.  Select Import CSV file.  Your cadets accounts will be created in the background. You will be notified by email once this process is complete.