If you want to view the programs as a user, you will need to create a User account for yourself.  If you spend any of your credits for testing, we can put the credits back into your account.  We can also create an account for you if needed.

In order to return your credits, we will need to delete your testing accounts.  When you are done testing, please contact us and we will remove your accounts, check to see how many credits you use and return them to your account.

To do this, select Create Accounts.

Fill in the form to create your user account.  When you enter in the email address, you will not be able to use your email address since it is already in use for your Administrator account.  What you can do is either use a personal email address or just make one up.  Select Create User to create your testing account.

Once the account is created, you can assign any of the products to your user account.  For more information on how to make assignments, please visit this link.  https://conoveru.com/make-an-assignment-for-my-user-or-student/

Once you have made some assignments to your testing user, you will need to log out of your Administrator account in order to log in as the testing user you just created.  Select the Menu then select Sign Out.