Since your cadets will need to take the Personal Skills Map multiple time, here is an article that will show you how to reassign it to your cadets.

Select View Accounts.

Find the cadet that you want to reassign the Personal Skills Map to.  Select the cadets name or email address.

This will bring up the cadet’s profile.  Choose Success Profiler from the list of available programs.

This will bring up the cadet’s Success Profiler assignments.  Choose Emotional Intelligence (Personal Skills Map) from the list of profiles.  Select Personal Skills Map.

Choose which version you want to assign.  You can also choose the have the Personal Skills Map assign some follow-up skill enhancements.  Select Save Assignments to assign the Personal Skills Map.

Select View Accounts.

Choose all of the account(s) that you would like to change the group for by checking the box next to their name. You can sort the list by name, email address or last login. You can also select accounts across multiple pages.

The batch actions toolbar at the bottom of the screen will become active and show you how many users you have selected.  There is an option to select all XXX users.

Select Mass Assign.

When the Mass Assign options appear, make sure to select the option labeled Include assignments that can be reassigned.  This will allow you to reassign anything that the cadet has already completed.  Without selecting, this option will only assign to the cadets who never have been assigned this unit before.

Choose Success Profiler from the drop-down menu.

Select Add Product.

Select the Assign Manually option.

Find the Personal Skills Map and check the box.

Next choose if you want to use the long (244 questions) or short (84 questions) version.  You can also assign some credits for the follow-up skill enhancements.

Scroll down and choose the Continue button.

The system will show you a screen so you can verify which cadets will get this assignment.  Select the Confirm Assign button to begin the mass assignment.  You will receive an email when the mass assignment is complete.