A new feature that is starting to appear in web browsers that stops the auto playing of media files will cause some issues with Conover.  Advertisers are using the feature to make their videos automatically play on a website, which can be very annoying.  In order to make our program work with very little interaction, we rely on this auto play feature to automatically play our video and audio files with the user having to click a button.

Here is where you would notice some of these issues:

  • Text-to-Speech not working
  • Functional Skills System question not working
  • Videos not automatically playing.

In order to make our programs work, each browser does allow you to turn this feature off for our website.  Here is how this is done.

Access our website and then select Safari > Preferences.

In the Window that appears, select the Websites tab.  Find Autoplay under General in the left-hand area.

Find our website and choose Allow All Auto-Play.  Our site will now work correctly.