Tags are a feature in Conover Online that allow you to easily search, sort, and filter your user list. Think of tags as mini descriptions. Tags can be things like a class name, a period, graduation year, teacher name, etc. Each account can have multiple tags allowing you to efficiently label and filter all of your users.

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The tag manager is where you view, add, edit, or delete tags. You can find the tag manager from the home screen. Select the Tags button to access the tag manager.

The tag manager lists all of your tags, as well as how many user are using each tag.  You can also view the users who are associated with the tag.

If you want to add a new tag, select the Add new tag button.

From the window that appears, enter your new tag.  Select Create Tag to save your tag.

The tag will now appear and you can now use it with any of your accounts.  You can also edit the name of a tag or even delete it from the system.  Deleting a tag does not delete the users associated with the tag.

The power of tags is you can use them to filter and sort your data. Here is an example of a full list of users. You can filter this list by tags, using the tags field.

If you select the Filter by tags field, a list of tags will appear.  Select any tag and your list will filter to display only those users that are assigned that tag.

You can even add multiple tags to the filter field.

Tags have also been brought over to reports. You can now search through reports filtering by tag.

You can add tags to users when their accounts are created.  If a tag you want to use does not exist, just type the name and press enter.  The tag will be added to the system after you create/save the account.

You can also add tags to accounts that already exist. To do this, select View Account.

Choose the account type you are looking for.

Find the account and select the name or email address.

Choose the Account Details option.

Find the Tag field. From there you can add or remove any tags. You can add multiple tags to an account.

Select Update personal details button to save your changes.

You can also assign or remove tags to more that one account at a time. To do this, select View Accounts.

Choose the type of account you would like to change tags for.

From View Accounts, select the accounts that you want to add or remove the tags for.

You can use the options at the top of the screen to choose different account types, search for an account or filter by Tag or Group.

You can choose accounts across multiple pages, or even us the link in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to select all of the accounts in the list of users.

Once you have the accounts selected, choose either Tag or Untag.

This will bring up a window where you can choose the tags you want to add or remove. Use the drop-down to chose your tags.

Select the Save button to apply your changes.