To view a credential for an individual user, select View Accounts.

Find the user you want to view the credential for.  You can search or filter out the list to help find your user using the options at the top of the screen.  Select the user’s name or email address to access their account.

In the Assignment dashboard, find the product that you want view a credential for.  Select the arrow next to the product name to expand the list.

Find the link for the credential.  Click it to view the credential.

You can also access the credentials for each user from the Report link.  Choose a product then select Credentials from the secondary menu.

To view the credentials for an entire group of users, select View Accounts.

From View Accounts, select the accounts that you want to view the credentials for.

You can use the options at the top of the screen to search for an account or filter by Tag or Group.

You can choose accounts across multiple pages, or even us the link in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to select all of the accounts in the list of users.

Once you have all of your users selected, choose the Report Generator button in the batch actions toolbar.

The Report Generator screen will appear. Leave the data range blank.  Credentials do not have a date associated with them and selecting a date will prevent the credentials from being included.

Next, select the Product that you want to view credentials for by selecting the + (plus sign) to expand the list of available reports for the selected product.

Check the box for the credential. You can select credentials across multiple programs.

Select the Generate Report button to create your report.

The report will be generated in the background.  You will receive an email when the report is ready.  If you do not receive the email, you can also use the Generated Reports (via Reports link) page to view these reports.