Most of the programs in Conover Online offer a bundle assignment. A bundle will allow you access to all programs within a product for one set price.  The bundles are designed to save you money while making it easier to make an assignment to the user.  The bundle will automatically assign all necessary Pre-Assessments and any needed follow-up activities without any teacher intervention.  At any time, the teacher can override the assignments by removing or adding more assignments at no cost.

Bundles are limited one use of each program.  If you want the user to take a program You will be able to reassign any program for 1 credit if the user has already completed that assignment.

Here is how to use a bundle.

When you access the assignment screen for a product, we default to a bundle assignment.  For this example, we will be using Workplace Readiness.  All other products follow this same format.

There are two options when assigning a bundle.

Option 1: The bundle will only assign the follow-up activities based on the passing score.  In this example, any skill that the user does not achieve a passing score of 70% will automatically be assigned.  You can still assign any activity that was not assigned for free.

Option 2: This bundle will assign all follow-up activities regardless of the score.  This is the best option to get the most out of your purchase.  All units will be assigned to the user.  You will be able to remove any of the assignments if needed.