If you make a mistake when making an mass assignment, you can remove the assignment from users accounts.  If you used a bundle or assigned manually, you will also get your credits back.

If you assigned a subscription, you will not be able to unassign it or get your credits back.

To unassign, you need to pick which users who have an assignment you want to remove. To do this, select View Accounts.

Choose all of the account(s) that you would like to remove the assignment for by checking the box next to their name. You can sort the list by name, email address or last login. You can also select accounts across multiple pages.  The batch actions toolbar at the bottom of the screen will become active and show you how many users you have selected.  You can also choose all users in your account by clicking the Select all XXX link in the batch actions toolbar.

Once you have all of your users selected, choose the Unassign button in the batch actions toolbar.

The Mass Unassign page will appear.  Choose which products that you would like to unassign from your list of users.

There is an estimated total number of credits that will be returned to your account.

Select the Continue button when you have made your choices.

Next you will see a verification screen.  Double check that your user list is correct. Select the Confirm Unassignment button to continue.

When the mass unassignment is complete, you will receive an email letting you know the job is complete.  It will also include some stats about the job.