Sometimes a user can have multiple Conover Online accounts.  This usually happens when multiple admins make an account for the same user or if the user has an old account that was forgotten about.  If there is data in both accounts that you want to keep, but do not like having to manage multiple accounts, you can merge these accounts together so all complete and incomplete assignments are associated with one account.

To merge two user accounts, select View Account.

Find the user account that you would like to get rid of after the merge.  We will call this account the “loser”.

Choose the “loser” user account by selecting the user’s name in the list.

Select Account & Personal Details from the user’s profile.

Choose the merge this user link in the Duplicate User message.

This will bring up the Merge User screen.  The Source User (loser) will already be selected.  If this is not the correct user, you can choose a different Source User (loser) from the drop-down list.

Choose a Destination User (winner) from the drop-down list.  This is the user that you want to keep.

Once you have a Loser and Winner user account selected, you can compare the user’s data.

You can comare the Closed Captioning, Email Address, Text-To-Speech options.

You can compare the Groups and Tags.

You can also compare the assignments in each account.

Once you are sure you have the correct Source and Destination accounts chosen, select the Merge Users button.

You will asked to verify that you want to merge the user accounts and that it can’t be undone.

The program will merge the two user accounts in the background.  When done, the system will send you an email letting you know the users have been merged.

When complete, the source (loser) account will be archived.  The acocunt will appear in the archived user list.  You can now delete this user.  You can also make any adjustments to the destination (winner) account.  You can edit the group, tags, assignments or settings.