We offer a summary report that will allow you to view the user’s scores in a spreadsheet format.  To access this report, choose Reports.

Choose a product that you would like a summery report for.

Select Summary Report from the list of available reports.

The options for the summary report will appear. Not every summary report will have all of these options. First,choose the group you want to do a report for.

If you are a System Administrator, you will have the ability to run this report for all groups in the system.

Next, choose the program that you want a summary report for. This is only available if the program is broken down into multiple segments.

Only Passing Scores

NO: This report will included all of the data. This report will show if the program is assigned, if it has been started, and the final score achieved.
YES: This report will only include the passing scores that the users achieved. It will not show any other data.


Next, you can select multiple tags in order to filter out your list of users who will be included in this report.

Once you have all of your options chosen, select the Generate button to have a report generated and a link sent to you via email.

The email you receive will have a button that will take you to Conover Online where you can download the report.  If you do not see the button, the direct link is also displayed.

If you do not receive the email, it could have been marked as SPAM.  We do have a location where you can access these reports.  From the main Reports screen, choose Generated Reports.

This has a list of all reports that you have generated and sent via email in case you did not receive the email or lost it.