Our Functional Skills System subscription provides unlimited access to all of the programs in our Functional Skills System for one year for one participant . The annual subscription includes access to the 5,500+ video library for reviewing and achieving mastery of targeted concepts and behaviors through video modeling.

To purchase a subscription for a user, first you will need to create an account for the user. To do this, select the Create Account tab.

Fill out the form to create your user account. Select Create User to create the account.

After you create the account, you will be taken to the user’s assignment page. You can also get to this page if you pick a user from the View Accounts tab.

Scroll down the page until you find the section called Life Skills Tools. Select the Add Assignment button for the Functional Skills System.

This will bring up the Functional Skills Assignment page. From here, make sure you have Functional Skills Subscription selected and then select the Purchase Subscription.

You will be asked to verify your purchase. Select the Purchase Subscription button to finalize the purchase.

You have now purchased the Functional Skills System subscription. The expiration date is listed on the screen.

You can now use the pre-test (the button labeled Not sure what to assign? Click here) or you can pick any unit and make the assignment. You will not be charged for any assignment or reassignment. Your users will also get access to a video library for the units that you have assigned when they log into their own account. Click here to learn how to manually assign the units to your user.