Using the Learner Assessment to make your Assignments

This article will show you how to use the Learner Assessment to automatically make your assignments to your learner.  You will need to access the Manage Account options.

If you added a passcode to protect the account, enter it now.

Select the orange button labeled “Not sure what to assign? Click here“.

The learner assessment will launch.  Navigate the screens using the Next button.

When you get to the questions, rate the learners ability in each skills form 1 to 7.  The units that are associated with this skill are listed on the screen.  Any skill you rate 3 or lower will be automatically assigned to the user.

After you answer the last question, you will be shown a list of units that will be assigned to the learner.  One you finish the assessment, you will be taken to the learners list of assignments that they can start working on.