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Webinar Videos

If you are new to the system or need to learn about any of our products, this is where you want to start.  Each of these webinar videos will explain the what the product does and how to use it with Conover Online.

How to use your new Conover Online Administrator account

This webinar video is a great place to start if you are new to Conover Online. This video shows you [...]

How to use our MECA System

This webinar video is a great place to start if you want to learn about our MECA System. This video [...]

How to use our Workplace Readiness Program

This webinar video is a great place to start if you want to learn about our Workplace Readiness Program. This [...]

How to use our Personal Responsibility Program

This webinar video is a great place to start if you want to learn about our Personal Responsibility Program. This [...]

How to use our Success Profiler

This webinar video is a great place to start if you want to learn about our Success Profiler program. This [...]

How to use our Anger Management Program

This webinar video is a great place to start if you want to learn about our Anger Management Program. This [...]

How to use our Bullying Prevention Program

This webinar video is a great place to start if you want to learn about our Bullying Prevention Program. This [...]

How to use our Functional Skills System

This webinar video is a great place to start if you want to learn about our Functional Skills System. This [...]

Account Management Articles

Creating an Administrator or Teacher Account

In order to add a new Administrator (or Teacher) account to Conover Online, you must have access to the System Administrator [...]

Creating a User or Student Account

To add a new User (Student), select the Create Account tab. Make sure that User is selected for the account [...]

Batch Importing of Users

Our Batch Import feature will allow you to import up to 100 user accounts into Conover Online at a time [...]

How does the User/Student access their assignments?

In order for the user to access their assignments they need to log into his or her account.  The users [...]

Archive and Delete an account

Because our goal is to provide you with data-tracking accountability, we have done everything we can to protect your data. [...]

Mass Changing of Groups

If you need to change the group for a bunch of Users or Administrators, you can use our Change Group [...]

How to use Groups

What Are Groups? A group is a collection of users or learners that are associated with one or more Administrator. [...]

Restore an Archived Account

If you have previously archived an account you can always restore it to reactivate an account and gain access to the [...]

How to use Tags

Tags are a new feature in Conover Online that allow you to easily search, sort, and filter your user list. [...]

Change a User’s or Administrator’s group

There are times that you will need to associate your users or administrators with a different group or multiple groups. [...]

How does a user log into Conover Online?

All users log into Conover Online using the same log in screen as an Administrator or Teacher.  They must enter [...]

Changing the Password for a User or Administrator Account

It may sometimes be necessary to manually change the password for a User or Administrator.  To do this, select the [...]

Assignment Management Articles

Making a Bundle Assignment

Most of the programs in Conover Online offer a bundle assignment. A bundle will allow you access to all programs [...]

Mass (Batch) Assignment

 Our Mass Assignment feature will allow you to assign any product or combination of products to multiple users at one [...]

Reassign an Assignment or Activity

Any activity can be reassigned to a user. After the user completes an activity, the activity becomes available for reassignment. [...]

Unassigning an assignment or activity to get credits back

If you make a mistake when making an assignment, you can unassign any activity and get your credits back as [...]

Make an assignment to a user

To make an assignment to your user, you must first access the user's account. To do this, select the View [...]

How to use a Survey

Almost all of the Assessments/Maps in Conover Online have an accompanying 360° Survey. These surveys will allow you to have [...]

Change from MECA to TPS and vice versa?

If you accidentally assign MECA instead of TPS (a version of MECA that is designed for lower functioning students), you [...]

Previewing units before making an assignment

You can preview all of our products before making assignments to your users. To do this, select the View Accounts [...]

User Reporting Articles

Viewing User or Student Reports

To view the data that has been collected from user assignments, select the User Data tab.  There are three ways [...]

How to view or print a Credential

To view a credential for an individual user, select the User Data tab.   Next, select the product.  In [...]

Why are scores not updating or wrong on the Workplace Readiness Credential?

In order for a score to appear on the credential the student must post a passing score for the relevant [...]

Change the Name, Date, or Organization on a Credential

When you print off a credential for a user, we include: the date that the credential was printed, the name of [...]

Additonal Articles

What is a Credit

Unlike a lot of online learning programs, Conover Online is NOT a subscription but uses the concept of "Credits". Credits [...]

Credit Usage Report – Where are my credits going

If you are the System Administrator within the Conover Online system, you have access to a page that will allow [...]

Is Conover Online available in languages other than English?

Conover Online is only available in English, but there are free tools available that will translate the program into any language. [...]

Credit Delegation

This feature in Conover Online will allow you to delegate a specific number of credits to an individual Administrator.  This [...]

Turn on Text-to-Speech Audio

All of our programs have text-to-speech capabilities.  In order to use this feature, select the Gear Icon at the top [...]

Conover Online is not working correctly on my iPad, iPod or iPhone

In order for students to do their assignments on Apple devices you need to download our Conover Online App. Apple [...]

I get a 500 error when using Conover Online.

Because Conover Online is a dynamic product that we are constantly updating this error can happen for a variety of [...]

Where can my users get the Conover Online app for the iPad

Due to the limitations of the web browsers that you can install on an iPad, we have developed an iPad [...]

How do I reset my password?

If you forget your password there is a way to reset your password via email. Using a web browser, go [...]