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Webinar Videos (How to use a program)

If you are new to the system or need to learn about any of our products, this is where you want to start.  Each of these webinar videos will explain the what the product does and how to use it with Conover Online.

Account Management Articles

How to use Groups

A group is a collection of users or learners that are associated with one or more Administrator. Groups are [...]

How to use Tags

Tags are a feature in Conover Online that allow you to easily search, sort, and filter your user list. [...]

Credit Delegation

This feature in Conover Online will allow you to delegate a specific number of credits to an individual Administrator. [...]

Merging Two User Accounts

Sometimes a user can have multiple Conover Online accounts.  This usually happens when multiple admins make an account for [...]


Our Proctoring feature will allow you to disable your user's access to any assessment or any assignment.  This allows [...]

Assignment Management Articles

Mass Unassign

If you make a mistake when making an mass assignment, you can remove the assignment from users accounts and [...]

Delete an Assignment

There are times where you may want to completely delete an assignment that a user has started.  Deleting an [...]

Mass (Batch) Assignment

Our Mass Assignment feature will allow you to assign any product or combination of products to multiple users at [...]

How to use a Survey

Almost all of the Assessments/Maps in Conover Online have an accompanying 360° Survey. These surveys will allow you to [...]

User Reporting Articles

Integration with Conover Online Articles

SAML SSO Integration

If you are interested in using our SAML SSO feature, please reach out to support and request access to [...]

Additonal Articles

What is a Credit

Credits are how you deliver content in Conover Online. Each credit allows you to deliver one piece of content [...]