If you need too access your cadets Personal Skills Map reports, here are the different options available to you.  Pick one to expand the steps on how to get access to the report.

If you want to view a single cadet’s PSM report, choose View Accounts.

Find the cadet you want to view the reports for.  You can search or filter out the list to help find your user using the options at the top of the screen.  Select the cadet’s name or email address to access their account.

At the top of the cadet’s profile page, you will see a section called Assignment Dashboard. From this, find The Success Profiler and expand the section.

Find the Emotional Intelligence (Personal Skills Map) report. The report will open in a new tab.

You are able to generate Personal Skills Map reports for multiple cadets at once. To do this, select View Accounts.

From View Accounts, select the cadets that you want to access the PSM report for.

You can use the options at the top of the screen to filter by Tag.

You can choose cadets across multiple pages, or even us the link in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to select all of the cadets in the list of users.

Once you have all of your cadets selected, choose Report Generator from the batch action options.

This will bring you to the Report Generator screen.  First, choose your date range for the PSM reportsyou want to include.  If your report does not contain any data, leave these fields blank and try again.  If you leave the dates blank, the system will grab the last completed PSM report for each cadet.

Find The Success Profiler.  Select the plus sign to expand the report options.

Find the Skills and Maps options.  Select the Select button.  This will expand a window that will list out all of the program that cadets have completed.  Select the Personal Skills Map options under the Emotional Intelligence section.

Select the Generate Report button.

The report will run in the background.  You will receive an email when the report it ready.