In order for a score to appear on the credential the student must post a passing score for the relevant skill area. This passing score is set by your System Administrator (default is 70%).  You can view this score on the assignment screen for the program, or on the credential report page.

Depending on how you make the assignment (a bundle or manually), the user may have additional opportunities to get a better score.

  • If you are using a bundle, any skill that is not passed on the pre-assessment is automatically assigned to the user via the Skill Enhancement.  This allows the user to learn about the skill and see if they can get a better score.  In the Skill Enhancement, the Post-Assessment (which is comprised of the last 8 questions) is the only score that counts towards the credential.  Think of this as the final test.
  • If your user has exhausted their attempts to get a better score or you assigned the units manually, you can always re-assign any unit (Map or Skill Enhancement) for an additional credit.  Keep in mind that the bundle allows for one use of the map and the skill enhancements.  This article explains that process.
  • The Credential shows the highest passing score the user achieved.  For example, if the user takes the map twice, and they score better the second time, the second score will be used.  If they score better the first time, the first score will be used.

Here is an example user’s data so you can see this process:

Download Sample Data

This user did not pass Attitudes and Critical Thinking when taking the Map (Pre-Assessment).  These two areas will not appear on the credential because she did not score at least 70%. The user was assigned the Attitudes skill enhancement. She completed the Attitudes skill enhancement and scored and 88% on the post-assessment.  This 88% will now show on the credential.