Emotional Intelligence (The Success Profiler) Online Course


Emotional Intelligence Online Course



Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the learned ability to identify, experience, understand, and express human emotions in healthy and productive ways. Research has shown that emotional intelligence skills are primary factors of motivation and the gateway to lifelong learning and high levels of achievement. That is because emotional experience and expression are unique to each person – no two people think, feel, and act in the same way. Each person must learn these skills for oneself. Individuals learn and work best in environments that are physically and emotionally safe. Building effective learning and work environments like this requires emotional intelligence skills that are vital to improving human performance and healthy organizations. Successful organizations must provide an atmosphere that will enable peak performance for all of their members. For any organization to be successful there must be a commitment to develop emotionally healthy members within all levels of the organization. This course will will teach you about these concepts and show you how to use Conover Online to assess and teach these skills.
Module 1 Welcome to ConoverU
Introduction to the Emotional Intelligence online course.
Unit 1 Welcome to ConoverU!  
Module 2 Definition of Emotional Intelligence
This module is going to define what emotional intelligence is and explain why emotions are important in our everyday lives.
Unit 1 Definition of Emotional Intelligence  
Unit 2 What are Emotions?  
Unit 3 What are Emotions For?  
Unit 4 Changing Your Emotions  
Unit 5 Why Emotional Intelligence Matters Now  
Unit 6 Why Emotional Intelligence?  
Module 3 Conover Online & The Success Profiler
This module will explain what Conover Online and The Success Profiler are.
Unit 1 What is Conover Online  
Unit 2 What is The Success Profiler  
Unit 3 How to Create a user in Conover Online  
Unit 4 Make a Success Profiler Assignment  
Module 4 Personal Skills Map
This module will explain The Personal Skills Map and how to use it.
Unit 1 What is the Personal Skills Map  
Unit 2 Core Abilities and the Personal Skills Map  
Unit 3 What Employers Want  
Unit 4 Personal Skills Map Research  
Unit 5 Complete the Personal Skills Map  
Module 5 Profiles
This module will explain the Profiles and how to use them.
Unit 1 What are the Profiles  
Unit 2 Available Profiles  
Unit 3 A Word on Predecting Violence  
Unit 4 Complete a Profile  
Module 6 Skill Enhancement System
This module will explain the Skill Enhancement System and how to use it.
Unit 1 Domains of Intelligence  
Unit 2 Improving Emotional Intelligence  
Unit 3 The Skill Enhancement System  
Unit 4 Complete The Skill Enhancements  
Module 7 Accessing Your User Data
This module will show you how to access the data you generated while using the programs as a user.
Unit 1 Accessing Your Success Profiler Reports  
Module 8 Final Test
This is the final test to see if you pass this course.
Unit 1 Complete the Final Test  
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