Vocational Assessment (The MECA System) Online Course


The MECA System Online Course



The purpose of this course is to train and equip participants to deliver age-appropriate transition assessments to create a coordinated set of activities to assist students in making the transition from school to work. After successful completion of this course you will have a solid understanding in the history of transition and how to control Conover Online with ease. Upon completing your ConoverU course in Transition Assessment and Curriculum, you can obtain college credit from Adams State University
Module 1 Welcome to ConoveU
Introduction to the Vocational Assessment (The MECA System) Online Course.
Unit 1 Welcome to ConoverU!  
Module 2 Vocational Assessments and Transition
This module is going to explain the need for Vocational Assessments and Transition.
Unit 1 What is Career Assessment  
Unit 2 History of Career Assessment  
Unit 3 Some Criticism of Career Assessment  
Unit 4 Establishing a Reason to Learn  
Unit 5 Things Haven't Changed Much  
Unit 6 Labor Statistics  
Unit 7 What Are The Ultimate Goals?  
Unit 8 Special Education & Transition  
Unit 9 Transition Planning  
Unit 10 How Career Assessment is Supposed to Look  
Module 3 Conover Online & The MECA System
This module will explain what Conover Online and The MECA System are.
Unit 1 What is Conover Online  
Unit 2 What is The MECA System  
Unit 3 How to Create a user in Conover Online  
Unit 4 Make a MECA System Assignment  
Module 4 The Interest Indicator
This module will explain The Interest Indicator and how to use it.
Unit 1 What is The Interest Indicator  
Unit 2 Complete The Interest Indicator  
Module 5 Work Samples
This module will explain the Work Samples and how to use them.
Unit 1 What are The Work Samples  
Unit 2 Complete a Work Sample  
Module 6 Learning Assessment Programs
This module will explain the Learning Assessment Programs and how to use them.
Unit 1 What are The Learning Assessment Programs  
Unit 2 Complete a Learning Assessment Program  
Module 7 Career Planners
This module will explain the Career Planners and how to use them.
Unit 1 What are The Career Planners  
Unit 2 Complete a Career Planner  
Module 8 Accessing Your User Data
This module will show you how to access the data you generated while using the programs as a user.
Unit 1 Accessing Your MECA System Reports  
Module 9 Final Test
This is the final test to see if you pass this course.
Unit 1 Complete the Final Test  
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