Self-Advocacy (Personal Responsibility) Online Course


Personal Responsibility Online Course Description



This course is designed to enhance development of a student's goal achievement and personal responsibility skills. Emotionally intelligent teachers or trainers will be able to model as well as talk about the thoughts and behaviors most important to a person's goal and academic achievement and personal well-being. You will be able to maneuver our Personal Responsibility program with ease after successful completion of this course. Upon completing your ConoverU course in Transition Assessment and Curriculum, you can obtain college credit from Adams State University
Module 1 Welcome to ConoverU
Introduction to the Personal Responsibility online course.
Unit 1 Welcome to ConoverU!  
Module 2 Self-Advocacy
This module will teach you about Self-Advocacy and how to identify, assess and teach the 12 essential skills for individual success.
Unit 1 What is Self-Advocacy  
Unit 2 History of the Self-Advocacy Movement  
Unit 3 3 Keys to Improving Self-Advocacy Outcomes  
Unit 4 12 Major Factors of Self-Advocacy  
Module 3 Conover Online & Personal Responsibility
This module will explain what Conover Online and Personal Responsibility are.
Unit 1 What is Conover Online  
Unit 2 What is Personal Responsibility  
Unit 3 How to Create a user in Conover Online  
Unit 4 Make a Personal Responsibility Assignment  
Module 4 Personal Responsibility Map
This module will explain the Personal Responsibility Map and how to use it.
Unit 1 What is the Personal Responsibility Map  
Unit 2 Personal Responsibility Map Research  
Unit 3 Complete the Personal Responsibility Map  
Module 5 Skill Enhancement System
This module will explain the Skill Enhancement System and how to use it.
Unit 1 The Skill Enhancement System  
Unit 2 Complete The Skill Enhancements  
Module 6 Accessing Your User Data
This module will show you how to access the data you generated while using the programs as a user.
Unit 1 Accessing Your Personal Responsibility Reports  
Module 7 Final Test
This is the final test to see if you pass this course.
Unit 1 Complete the Final Test  
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